The FSI team includes highly skilled professionals with diversified and complementary backgrounds. The team is strongly cohesive and jointly operated in private equity investments since 2012, when Fondo Strategico Italiano started its operations.

    Four high-profile Industrial Partners provide a solid grip on some specific industrial sectors, in which they cumulated several years of previous experience. Their activity embraces and adds value to all different phases of the investment process, from origination to due diligence, to portfolio management and monitoring.

    Senior Management

    Maurizio Tamagnini

    Chief Executive Officer

    Barnaba Ravanne

    Chief Investment Officer

    Marco Tugnolo

    Investment Director

    Carlo Moser

    Investment Director

    Industrial Partners


    Fabrizio Tria

    Investment Manager

    Tommaso Bedini

    Investment Manager

    Roberto Baggiano

    Investment Manager

    Luca Capuano

    Investment Manager

    Barbara D’Andrea

    Director of International and Investor Relations

    Roberta Melfa

    Senior Legal of Counsel and Secretary of Board of Directors

    Simone Terenzi

    Compliance Officer

    Nannj Longo

    Chief Financial Officer

    Monica Onofri

    Office Management and Human Resources

    Simone Naponiello

    Procurement Manager


    Risk management and Internal Audit