FSI and its commitment to the community

    Community relations are a focal point of the FSI strategy, which has always been committed to creating value through philanthropic initiatives and the responsible development and growth of its portfolio companies. One of FSI’s priorities is to maintain a constant and constructive dialogue with the communities in which it operates, directly or indirectly through its portfolio. FSI therefore places maximum emphasis on supporting the needs of communities by investing in the quality of the relationships and the value added generated.

    Over the years, FSI has created a strong connection with the local area by focusing on the needs of the community and outlining a path of joint development and growth.

    Promoting entrepreneurship

    As evidence of its awareness, FSI participates as an organizing partner in the Family Business Festival, a workshop for family businesses organized by Associazione Italiana per le Aziende Familiari (AIDAF – Italian Family Business Association), Bocconi University of Milan and Corriere della Sera. The event is dedicated to assessing the “health” of family businesses, which make up more than one quarter of the Italian GDP and over half of that generated by businesses.

    Each year, FSI takes part as an organizing partner of the Convegno Nazionale delle Aziende Familiari (National Family Business Conference) to promote the growth of companies and the diffusion of an economic culture based on the same ethical values that inspired the creation of many Italian businesses.

    Promoting skills

    FSI offers two scholarships to support training for students at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. This initiative is part of the fundraiser organized by the university called Una Sfida Possibile (A Possible Challenge) to fund the higher education of deserving and less fortunate young people, thereby contributing to the development of human capital and the global socio-economic system.

    FSI in partnership with Politecnico of  Milano Foundation,  partner and sponsor activities of PoliHub, a non-profit incubator active in supporting innovative start-ups and SME innovation projects. Not only does The partnership does not only contribute capital, but also human capital/mentorship to support talented young people in designing a business plan or a capital raising strategy.

    FSI for the Social Community

    FSI supports Fondazione Francesca Rava – NPH Italia Onlus on various projects: (i) Charity Gifts Campaign, the proceeds of which were donated to Haiti Street Schools in order to promote access to the Haitian children; (ii)  SOS Spending Project , providing tangible support to poor families; (iii) Time for Childhood Cooperative Project, a project  in which  FSI team dedicated time and resources in order to involve a group of 30 children (aged 8-16) in  valuable experiences outside their household.

    FSI was the main sponsor of  Stand up for all women, an event promoting projects to raise awareness and support for women and orphans of femicide, organized by the association Feminin Pluriel Italy (FPI).

    FSI also supports

    The Mobile Clinic a project of the Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori (LILT Monza Brianza) for the purchase of a vehicle with medical equipment (ultrasound scanner and mammography device) with the aim of spreading the culture and importance of cancer prevention and early diagnosis.

    The St. Joseph Fund a project of Caritas Ambrosiana to help people in financial difficulty who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis.

    The Wamba Athena NeMo project that is creating a national network of medical and psychological assistance centres dedicated to children with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and their families.

    The Save the Children Non da Soli (Not Alone) project focused on tackling the loss of childhood education caused by the prolonged closure of schools and regaining the motivation to learn in order to prevent children from leaving school.