December 2017 - June 2021

    Company Profile

    Cedacri is the leading provider of core banking solutions, software and services in Italy. It is the largest independent platform for Financial Institutions in Italy. The group has a compelling and comprehensive portfolio of services that extend from Core Banking services to Reg Tech, Infrastructure and cloud services, business process and system integration for banks. in Collecchio (Parma), is the main Italian player in IT outsourcing services for banks and financial institutions.

    The Investment

    FSI invested in Cedacri for the first time in December 2017. For over three years the FSI Team has been instrumental in supporting a newly appointed management team to the transformation of the company from a Consortium mainly servicing shareholding clients to a leading-edge Fintech company providing a more diversified set of services, and expanding its commercial footprint to Large Banks and non-captive clients.
    In H1 2021 Cedacri was bought by ION, a leading industrial player in the financial and data processing platforms industry, operating globally through several brands. As part of a new and separate transaction, in June 2021 FSI decided to invest again in the company in Partnership with majority owner ION.
    The investment rationale is based on (i) the recognition of additional organic and inorganic growth potential for the company, also outside of Italy, (ii) the unique set of synergies and cross-selling opportunities provided by the ION group and (iii) the strong potential for consolidation and further diversification of Cedacri’s services in a vertical that is still to develop and mature under secular dynamics of further acceleration.