Missoni Taps Livio Proli as CEO

    Masismiliano Romano


    Missoni, in partnership with FSI, has appointed the new CEO Livio Proli. Mr. Proli has significant experience as Managing Director of Armani, the luxury fashion brand.

    «I am particularly satisfied with the arrival of Livio Proli at the head of Missoni S.p.a.. His great experience in the Made in Italy luxury will be crucial to the development of an iconic fashion brand like Missoni. FSI believes that in the post-pandemic recovery Missoni will be able to express its uniqueness at its best, and Livio Proli will be the engine of its expansion». This is how Maurizio Tamagnini, FSI’s CEO, commented on WWD the appointment of Livio Proli as new Missoni’s CEO.

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